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NoleLegends Gallery


Dwarf Oak

Dwarf Oaks are human-shaped trees that dwell in NoleVille, and are variously associated with wisdom. Dwarfs are sometimes described as short and ugly. They are originally from NoleVille.



Little is known about the past and identity of this species. Hawthorn is Mostly known for being a sarcastic creature with a high self esteem.


Tall Friendly Giant

Tall Friendly Giant was originally a Dwarf tree but he is one of the few legends that evolved different then the dwarf tree.Lady Amordad took care of Tall Friendly Giant since the first seedling and TFG has a high loyalty level towards her.



Kerala is a seed modified from a banana tree and ancient NoleWater. Kerala was needed to aid the legends during the NoleVille war and is also modified by Amordad to protect the legends and NoleVille



Khotan can sit tight for hours without saying anything or moving. He has a spiritual powerful aura which might can scare other legends to group with him. Khotan’s family is 6000 years old and have always existed in different forms. Amordad assigned and deployed Khotan as the first specie ever to grow in NoleVille.



Pitaya is known and bound to a song protocol which only ancient tribes of NoleVille can master. The song is created by scrubbing her leaves together and creating magical frequencies.